Cutting and Installation of Grating

Cutting and Installation of Grating

Mechanical Cutting and Processing.
ALPINA GRATE EUROPE ALPINAGRATE can be cut or mouleded to our client is specifications. The cut adges are sanded and sealed with resin to ensure corrosion resistance.
As part of our servise and commitment to our clients ALPINA GRATE EUROPE ALPINAGRATE will be happy to provide a competitive quotation for installation of your Grating if required.

1. Cutting
2. Sanding
3. Sealing
4. Installation Service

Adjustable Feet and Plastic Inserts

A range of plastic/ stainless steel adjustable feet are available from 7mm – 100mm. Special plastic inserts are also available to raise the grating panels from tho floor by 7mm to allow the free flow of spillages or rainwater under the grating.
The same inserts can also offer an advantage when using the grating panels for slip resistant workstations.
The allowable defection provided by the inserts will reduce the normal leg fatigue experience when standing on a hard inflexible surface for long periods.

Standard Clips
ALPINA GRATE EUROPE has three kinds of standart clips made of 316 stainless steel used for fastening and joining grating panels.


Type M – Hold down clips, designed to locate grating on a support structure & prevent it from turning in all 4 directions.

Type L – For use in securing grating to support frames.

Type C – Appelied to connect two adjacent grating bars

1. Tolerance per ful panel
+/- 3mm in lenght and width direction
+/- 1,5mm in thickness direction
Warp tolerance:
Length: 4,5mm per metre
Wigth:2,5mm2. Tolerance for cutting:
Length: +/- 5mm
Width: +/- 5mm
Cirle: +/- 2mm
Embedment Angle
Embedment angles are highly corrosion resistant.
The rebate section is designed to accept our 25mm and 38mm grating. The embedment angle is set into the concrete floor to accept our Fibreglass Grating.

Any Colour Of Your Choice

The moulded-in colour is made by even fixing of pigment and resin and will not fade or require painting.

The Fresh Colours

used not only enhance the working environment with their visual effect but can also improve working efficiency.