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I am pleased to welcome you to our site. I hope that the information provided here will be useful and relevant to you.

Before creating the company ALPINA GRATE, we thoroughly investigated the market of epoxy products, namely, the segment of the composite and steel products, the demand for such goods and the problems faced by consumers and distributors.

In connection with the growing demand for these products in the world are compounded by problems such as:
– Low production capacity of manufacturers in Europe
– Low export opportunities for trading companies in Europe, which can not react quickly to the growing demand of clients, becouse the distance from East Asia – the center of production of this product is long.
– Problems of logistics
and most importantly, what is particularly interested consumers –
– The high price compared to steel products of this type, which made it impossible for the wide dissemination of epoxy lattices in industrial construction in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

We are using highly skilled personnel and new equipment (there are a 14 process lines) have built up production capacity of 350 000 thousand square meters per year. We can safely say that our production is the biggest in Europe. We offer the epoxy gratings of different thicknesses, with different types of chemical and physical properties, specifically for your needs.

Our company supply complete line of molded/pultruded FRP grating, such as:
ordinary molded and pultruded grating,
covered grating and conductive grating,
phenolic grating,
stair treads,stair tread covers and plates,
other accessories,etc.

All our products provide long lasting performance for industrial, offshore or commercial applications.

We believe the only way to ensure the quality and reliability of grating and safety flooring & Profiles is to select the appropriated raw materials and monitor the production process from start to finish.
The network of our trained and qualified distributors in Europe and the CIS countries and availability of logistics warehouses in Europe solve the problems with logistics.

Price of our products is out of competition in Europe and is based on the different needs and individual requests and needs of direct customers, buyers, designers, distributors, large and small importers.

Due to the divergence of norms and requirements for building materials in different countries, all products of the company ALPINA GRATE pass certification and testing in different countries.

We are working so that the client is profitable and safe to work with us. Product quality is guaranteed and technical support is provided.
Dear friends, we will answer all your questions and look at all your suggestions!

Oleg Rac                                      
director of the company ALPINA GRATE s.r.o.

Any Colour Of Your Choice

The moulded-in colour is made by even fixing of pigment and resin and will not fade or require painting.

The Fresh Colours

used not only enhance the working environment with their visual effect but can also improve working efficiency.